1 noun
1 WHAT STH IS SUPPOSED TO DO (C) the thing that an event, process, or activity is supposed to achieve, or the job that something is supposed to do
—see reason 1 (+ of): The purpose of this meeting is to elect a new committee. | What is the purpose of the little red button? | the purpose of doing sth: The sole purpose of conducting a business is to make money. | serve a purpose (=have a particular purpose, or help you achieve a purpose): The discussion serves a twin purpose - instruction and feedback. | No useful purpose will be served by re-opening the murder enquiry.
2 on purpose deliberately: Jack's been really annoying me and I think he's doing it on purpose.
3 PLAN (C) formal an intention or a plan: Tom went for a walk, with no definite purpose in mind. | purpose in doing sth: My main purpose in setting up the experiment was to obtain fresh data.
4 AIM (U) the feeling of having an aim in life: I need to find meaning and purpose in my life.
5 for all practical purposes also for all intents and purposes used to say that something may not exactly be true but it is true in general: She became for all practical purposes, a director of the company.
6 for the purposes of used to say that someone or something will be considered in a particular way in a discussion, document etc: For tax purposes you will be treated as a married couple.
7 serve its purpose if something serves its purpose, it does what you intended it to do: Our holiday had served its purpose; we both felt thoroughly relaxed.
8 to good purpose/to no purpose formal with good results or with no results: Clara has used her musical talents to good purpose.
9 to the purpose old-fashioned useful or helpful
—see also: accidentally on purpose accidentally (2), purposely, cross­purposes 2 verb (T) old use to intend to do something: Drake purposed to voyage around the globe.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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